Monster Gutz: An Eye Popping Gooey Good Time!


Monster Gutz, a product by Super Impulse, are “eye-popping” gooey fun for children ages 5 and up!  They come in 5 different crazy, creep styles – Frankenstein, Skeletons,  brain oozing heads, and more!   Each Monster Gutz comes complete with a packet of original Slimy.  Simply pour it into your Monster Gutz head and squeeze and watch all the squishy, crazy fun!


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Unpack your Monster Gutz – each come with a packet of original Slimy.


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Fill your Monster Gutz head with the original Slimy and get ready to for gooey, squishy fun!

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Squeeze your Monster Gutz and watch all the creepy eye-popping and slimy fun!

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