Playing Retro Games on These Tiny Arcade Cabinets Is Still More Fun Than on a Smartphone

The thrill of realizing you can play the classic arcade games you grew up with on your smartphone is immediately gone once you actually try to guide Pac-Man around a maze using touchscreen controls. It’s so frustrating that you might consider carrying around one of these incredibly tiny arcade machines in your pocket, in addition to your phone. Advertisement When a game is specifically designed to be played using a touchscreen, like Angry Birds or Super Mario Run, it can be a very enjoyable experience, as directly interacting with on-screen characters enables some unique gameplay elements. But games developed in the ‘80s, when touchscreens were primitive at best, were designed around joysticks, buttons, and other physical hardware. Replicating those controls as on-screen buttons means you’ll be constantly looking away from the game itself to make sure your fingers are in the right place. It’s an added distraction you don’t need when you’re trying to outrun a bunch of ghosts.


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