World’s Smallest Collection EGG-ceptional this Easter

We are big into road trips. When we travel we hate to have electronics with us so we try to bring some toys. Most toys are bulky and hard to use in cars. The World’s Smallest from Super Impulse collection helps us be on the go but taking up so much space. They also are the perfect pocket size for our restaurant stops. We often have people coming to our table asking were we got this perfect little sized toys. They also remark “WOW I had one of those when I was younger !” As parents we are loving the size and nostalgia to bring our toys on the go but also back so our children can enjoy our fun too.

With a price range for the World’s Smallest collection starting at just $4.00 World’s Smallest Silly Putty is the perfect egg-shaped addition to your Easter basket.

You can take World’s Smallest PEZ and stash it in your pocket, World’s Smallest Pound Puppies fit in any pencil case, even World’s Smallest G.I Joe is the perfect miniature sidekick!

This collection of TINY toys is EGG-ceptional fun for the whole family! World’s Smallest make the perfect addition to anyone’s Easter basket. These toys appeal to a wide age range, including retro throwbacks for grownups and the perfect collectible for kids.

World’s Smallest Gumby & Pokey
Are you ready for timeless adventures and limitless fun? Gumby is a powerful, widely recognized and global pop culture icon that enchants generation after generation. Bend Gumby in any way you deem possible and watch him return to his original shape! Each package includes Gumby and his trusty horse Pokey.

World’s Smallest Barbie
Whether it’s on the beach or by the pools, Barbie remains to be a fashion icon even in her smallest size ever.
Featuring two of the iconic Barbie looks, the 1959 signature black and white swimsuit and 1971’s Malibu Barbie with her forever tan and sunglasses. Both feature movable arms and legs and are less than 3 inches tall.

World’s Smallest Hot Wheels
Speed away with the smallest Hot Wheels Cars EVER! These tiny, die-cast Hot Wheels are small enough to fit onto a quarter. They are available in the classic styles of Bone Crusher, Twin Mill and Roger Dodger. Included in the iconic original Hot Wheels package is a unique carrying and display case.

World’s Smallest Pound Puppies
These are floppy, squishy, “adoptable” puppies for you to bring home and raise as your own. They are based on the popular toy line first introduced in the 1980s. There are four styles, each with its own “lovable huggable” heart shaped tag. These adorable pets are the smallest Pound Puppies ever offered.

World’s Smallest PEZ
The colorful and quirky treats that kids love are back as the first officially licensed mini sized PEZ dispenser. It has the best known original PEZ design including Peter PEZ and PEZ Boy, as well as includes real PEZ candy. It’s sure to be a real treat.

World’s Smallest Silly Putty
Tune into your inner silly with the tiny silliest Silly Putty toy! Nothing else in the world is as silly. It is packaged in the iconic Silly Putty egg, just like the original! There are two per package and each egg is filled with authentic Silly Putty.

World’s Smallest Stretch Armstrong
The world’s original S-t-r-e-t-c-h muscle man is back! The smallest Stretch EVER, pull and twist his arms, legs and torso. Stretch stretches nearly four times his size, and then returns back to his original shape. He may be the most irresistible miniature ever!

World’s Smallest G.I. Joe
Retro Joe, ‘a real American hero,’ is here! Based off the original action figure, the World’s Smallest G.I Joe has articulated legs, arms, and head and features “real hair” and beard from the very popular models’ first released in the 1970s.

World’s Smallest Little People School Bus
Take this Fisher-Price Little People School Bus on a wobbly ride with you! Featuring the iconic Little People characters as students and the bus driver who rotates in his seat as the bus rolls along. There is also a functional stop sign, “clicking” wheels, and a happy face with moving eyes.

World’s Smallest Magic 8 Ball
The original Magic 8 Ball just got smaller. With 10 answers ranging from positive, negative and neutral, the Magic 8 Ball helps you with life’s toughest questions.

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