The Wiz-z-zer is Back – Retro Top Action For All!

About the Wiz-z-zer!

The 1970’s spinning top is wizzin’ back into style with the return of the original Wiz-z-zer! It has a whole new look that is both retro and contemporary, this spinning top requires no batteries, string, ripcord or launchers to spin.

The tricks are endless with the Original Wiz-z-zer, which spins at an impressive 10,000 RPM! Master the Wiz-z-zer tricks and spin Wiz-z-zer on the tip of your pencil, across pieces of string or even stack them on top of each other!

Also joining the Wiz-z-zer family are the Wiz-z-zer Wheelz-z-z: jacked up cars that can race, battle, stack and crash.

RETRO is NEW! Originally introduced in 1970, Wiz-z-zer is the bestselling spinning top of all time!

The spinning tops add a POP of color to any space and are fun toy to play with (all while impressing people along the way ? ).


Our Thoughts on the Wiz-z-zer

Check out the video below to get an idea of what we thought about the Wizzer!


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