World’s Coolest

In the digital age, smaller is better! Now you can collect the coolest retro toys and electronics ever in miniature form!

World’s Coolest Polaroid

The miniature Polaroid camera is the ‘insta-photo’ before the ‘gram.’ This cool keychain, that is a replica of the original Polaroid, has sound, simulated film, and a clickable red shutter button. It’s artsy chic and retro! Ages: 8+

World’s Coolest Turntable

World’s Coolest Turntable features a moving tone arm, spinning platter and light up strobe. It even includes a little “faux” vinyl record for a one-of-a-kind vinyl experience. Ages: 8+

World’s Coolest Thomas & Friends

The best-known tank engine in the world is now a part of the Super Impulse World’s Coolest collection. Featuring Thomas and his friends, these little trains are compatible with the iconic Thomas Minis. It includes a keychain for backpack clipping! Ages: 8+

Mattel Electronic Handhelds

Mattel Electronic Handheld is the original video game. Before game consoles, mobile gaming and online games, these handhelds started it all. Mattel Electronic Handhelds are pocket sized versions of the original Electronic Football, Electronic Baseball and Electronic Basketball. Yes, they actually work! It includes a keychain so they can go everywhere! Ages: 8+

World’s Coolest Laptop

In the world of tech, smaller is better. The World’s Coolest Laptop is a pocket sized, “laptop” with a detachable keychain. It features a backlit logo on the lid, and a screen that lights up when the lid is open. Get the smallest laptop on the market! Ages: 8+