Magic Box: Wiz-z-zer

The litlgeeks got an amazing package of fun stuff from our friends at Super Impulse.  It’s gonna take us a little while to make sure we share everything that was in it with you, but we decided to start with one of our favorite things in that box.  The Wiz-z-zer!  This awesome spinning top is sure to impress and mesmerize your friends.  It’s simple to use, tricky to master, and the litlgeeks had a blast figuring it out!

The Original Wiz-z-zer is available in stores now from Super Impulse.  You can also check out Whiz-z-zer Wheelz-z-z and Whiz-z-zer Wheelz-z-z Spin & Battle Arena.  For us though, you really can’t beat the Original.  With a spin potential of up to 10,000 RPMs, and trick pieces included, it’s an incredible fidget toy, and it will wow your litlgeeks too!

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