World’s Smallest

The World’s Smallest toys are designed with the same working functions as the originals, but in the smallest sizes ever created! They are as amazing as the originals! Brands include: Rubik’s Cube, Perplexus, Duncan Imperial Yo-Yo, Etch A Sketch, Little Green Army Men, Magic 8 Ball, Fisher-Price, Sock Monkey, Doodletop and Polariod.

World's Smallest Duncan Imperial Yo-Yo

The original and #1 selling looping yo-yo of all time! Works just like the original. Perform tricks, flips, loops and more.

World's Smallest Doodletop

The top that draws just got smaller. The World’s Smallest Doodletop features a felt tip pen bottom that draws spirals as you spin it. Ages 4+

World's Smallest Etch-A-Sketch

Twist your way to exciting pictures with the world’s smallest Etch A Sketch! It works just like the classic Etch A Sketch, powered by skill and imagination!

World's Smallest Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone

The iconic Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone has been a nostalgic favorite for many generations. This adorable, classic pull toy has the same friendly face, movable eyes, a bell and classic red receiver just like the original. Ages 4+

World's Smallest Fisher-Price Little People™ School Bus

Take this Fisher-Price Little People™ School Bus on a wobbly ride with you! Featuring the iconic Little People characters as students and the bus driver who rotates in his seat as the bus rolls along. There is also an articulating stop sign, “clicking” wheels, and a happy face with moving eyes. Ages: 6 and up

World's Smallest Fisher-Price Rock-A-Stack

Now kids of all ages can take a trip back in time and enjoy the classic Fisher-Price Rock-A-Stack. Just like the original toy, there are five colorful, stackable rings and a wobbly base that rocks back and forth. Ages 4+

World's Smallest Little Green Army Men

Your favorite Little Green Army Men are now smaller than ever! Pretend play military battles and wars with 20 figures in 10 different soldier poses. Includes a carrying container for easy storage.

World's Smallest Perplexus

Flip, Twist and spin your way to the finish line. Perplexus Original, the ultimate challenging 3-Dimensional, labyrinth game contained in a sphere, now comes in its smallest size ever!

World's Smallest Rubik's Cube

The world’s top-selling 3-Dimensional puzzle is now available in the world’s smallest size! Twist and turn the cube using various combinations to return it to its original state, one solid color on every side.

World's Smallest Sock Monkey

Sock Monkeys remain a popular icon to this day and are enjoyed by kids of all ages. The World’s Smallest Sock Monkey has the same classic design – woven brown “sock” color, white feet and of course, red lips. Ages 4+

World's Smallest Magic 8 Ball

The original Magic 8 Ball just got smaller. It has all the answers you need. Ask any question, turn over the Magic 8 Ball, and you’ll get its answer. Ages: 8 and up

World's Coolest Polariod

Not a working camera, but a cool miniature version of the original Polaroid Land Camera, with sound and simulated film. Press the red button and the film slides out and sounds just like the real camera from way back when. Clip the camera to your backpack or keychain and say cheese! Ages: 8 and up