Bop It

Bop It Button

Bop It fans, there’s a brand new Bop It challenge! Take aim and try to hit the center of the button and obey the commands “Bop It…Don’t Bop It…DO Bop It… Do NOT Bop It”. But beware – as you progress the rhythm changes and your brain is put to the Bop-ultimate test!

  • The 1 button version of the classic reflex game from the ‘90’s and 2000’s Bop It!
  • An iconic, simple, deceptively challenging game that requires intense focus as you progress.
  • Play solo or with multiple players: Play solo through 25 levels or the fastest Bop It pass-it game ever, for up to 10 players! CAN YOU BEAT THE BUTTON?
  • The perfect iconic 90’s desktop décor: Give your room or office a touch of classic 90’s nostalgia! It’s always ready for you to take a quick Bop It Break!
  • For fans of all ages. Recommended for ages 6 and up. The most accessible Bop It ever!  The first for those with limited dexterity.
Bop It