World’s Coolest

World's Coolest

In the digital age, smaller is better! Now you can collect the coolest retro toys and electronics ever in miniature form!

Peppa Pig  Dress Up Keychain

World’s Coolest Peppa Pig Dress Up

Peppa Pig never leaves home without her awesome pink suitcase filled with tons of fun inside. With easy to mix and match vinyl cling clothes and accessories, dress Peppa Pig in outfits for every type of adventure! Where will you take her next? Includes 1 suitcase, 5 outfits, 1 keychain. Ages 3+

World's Coolest Thomas & Friends

World’s Coolest Peppa Pig Coloring Book

You can now color Peppa Pig, her little brother George, Mommy and Daddy pig with World’s Coolest Coloring Set. Includes 5 colored pencils, a 12 page coloring book for little hands and carrying case.

World’s Coolest Fingerlings

Enjoy hours of upside-down Fingerlings fun in three mini, portable playsets – Rope Bridge Playground, Teeter Totter Playground and Merry-Go-Round Playground, featuring the tiniest Fingerlings monkeys, a sloth and a unicorn and tons of working amusements – a rope bridge, swing set, teeter totter, spinning merry-go-round, slide, ladder and more! Includes two Fingerlings per package – one you see; one is a surprise inside, and a take-everywhere keychain.

Mattel Electronic Handhelds

World’s Coolest Barbie Tote Bag/Notebook Keychain

The latest from Vogue fashion, Barbie’s pink tote bag opens up for a surprise! Inside the World’s Coolest Barbie Tote Bag you’ll find a mini mirror, removable pencil and pad of paper for doodling or writing. Strike a pose with your fabulous multipurpose tote bag.

World’s Coolest Barbie Purse Dress Up Keychain

Barbie can’t go anywhere without her World’s Coolest Barbie Dress Up Keychain. Barbie’s favorite purse opens into a dress-up wardrobe with the latest fashion trends. With easy to mix and match vinyl cling clothes and accessories, are you going for casual or formal today?

World’s Coolest Crayola Crayon Box Keychain

World’s Coolest Crayola Crayons are the first EVER real Crayola crayons on a keychain! This set includes two assorted and authentic Crayola crayons inside a Crayola Crayons box. What will you draw?
Age: 8+

World’s Coolest Beyblade

Step in the coolest battle arena you’ve encountered. World’s Coolest Beyblade are full size versions of Beyblade Burst battling tops. Press the plunger to create Gyro Spark Action! No batteries necessary – just let them rip! Available in three colors and styles, Spryzen, Valtryek, and Roktovor.

Mattel Electronic Handhelds

World’s Coolest Madballs Glider Keychain

Based on the ’80s sensation of squishy, soft, gross, gnarly balls, Super Impulse presents unique World’s Coolest MadBalls keychains. They light up and magically “glide” along any flat surface. Six gross characters – Horn Head, Skull Face, Dust Brain, Slobus, Screaming Meemie, and Oculus Orbus.

World’s Coolest Rubik’s Keychain

20% bigger than World’s Smallest Rubik’s, World’s Coolest Rubik’s comes with a key-chain for problem solvers on the go. The 3D combination puzzle is a classic toy addition to World’s Coolest line. Take it with you everywhere!

World's Coolest Polaroid

World’s Coolest Polaroid

The miniature Polaroid camera is the ‘insta-photo’ before the ‘gram.’ This cool keychain, that is a replica of the original Polaroid, has sound, simulated film, and a clickable red shutter button. It’s artsy chic and retro!
Ages: 8+

World's Coolest Turntable

World’s Coolest Turntable

World’s Coolest Turntable features a moving tone arm, spinning platter and light up strobe. It even includes a little “faux” vinyl record for a one-of-a-kind vinyl experience.
Ages: 8+

Mattel Electronic Handhelds

Mattel Electronic Handhelds

Mattel Electronic Handheld is the original video game. Before game consoles, mobile gaming and online games, these handhelds started it all. Mattel Electronic Handhelds are pocket sized versions of the original Electronic Football, Electronic Baseball and Electronic Basketball. Yes, they actually work! It includes a keychain so they can go everywhere!
Ages: 8+