Who says size matters

Who says size matters

Check out our full line of innovative, miniature toys designed to entertain and amuse the kid in all of us!  From classic retro to trendsetting, we offer timeless fun that fits in your pocket!

Our Newest Toy

Stink Blasters

This toy STINKS…in the best possible way!

Our Brands


More of the world’s BIGGEST and most CLASSIC toys are back in their smallest
sizes ever!



Mini Collectibles with Tiny Minis Inside!

3.75 Figures

3.75” figures that fit right in the palm of your hand!

Stink Blasters

Stink Blasters – Squeeze the head, unleash the stink.


Your favorite electronic games, from the Summer Boardwalk to the after-school Mall Video Arcade.

Pet Rock

Pet Rock is the only pet you’ll own that you’ll never need to feed, walk, bath, groom or neuter!

Precision RBS

Precision RBS is the most innovative line of rubber band launchers EVER!

Watch a great review of our
World’s Smallest Line.

Video created by Vat19

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